Coronavirus: Largest study suggests elderly and sick are most at risk.


Health officials in China have published the first details of more than 70,000 cases of Covid-19, in the biggest study panan since the outbreak began.

Data from the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC) found that more than 80% of the cases have been mild with the sick and elderly most at risk.

The research also points to the หนังโป๊ high risk for medical staff.

The findings put the overall death rate of the Covid-19 virus at 2.3%.

In Hubei, the worst affected province, the death rate is 2.9% compared with only 0.4% in the rest of the country.

China's latest official figures หนังโป๊ released on Tuesday put the overall death toll at 1,868 and 72,436 infections.

The paper by the CCDC, released on Monday and published in the Chinese Journal of Epidemiology, looked at all 72,314 cases of Covid-19 diagnosed across China as of 11 February, including confirmed, suspected, and asymptomatic cases.

While the results largely confirm previous descriptions of the virus and patterns of infection, the study includes a detailed breakdown of the 44,672 confirmed cases across all of China.

Coronavirus: No change in outbreak despite China spike, WHO says


Coronavirus cases are not rising dramatically outside China despite a spike in Hubei province, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

The only exception was on a panan cruise liner docked in Japan, where 44 new cases were reported, bringing the total there to 218.

There was also no major shift in the coronavirus's pattern of mortality or severity, according to the WHO.

The latest figures from Hubei recorded 116 deaths and 4,823 new cases.

That is a smaller increase than the previous day when there was a spike with 240 new deaths and nearly 15,000 new cases.

However, most of this was down to คลิปหลุด  Hubei using a broader definition to diagnose people, said Mike Ryan, head of WHO's health emergencies programme.

Outside China there had been two deaths and 447 cases in 24 countries, he said.

On Thursday Japan announced its first coronavirus death - a woman in her 80s who lived in Kanagawa, south-west of Tokyo.

The woman's diagnosis was confirmed after her death and she had no obvious link to China's Hubei province, the epicentre of the outbreak, Japanese media reported.

On Thursday, the US state department said it was "deeply concerned" about the possible effect of an outbreak in North Korea, which has so far not reported any cases.

The US would facilitate assistance from US and international aid organisations to the country, the department said.

The vessel is in quarantine in Yokohama. Not all the 3,700 people on board have been tested yet.

People with the virus are taken to hospitals on land to be treated, while those on board are largely confined to their cabins.

However on Thursday Japan said it would allow those aged 80 or over who have tested negative for the coronavirus to disembark.

Do viruses spread more easily on cruise ships?


There is an increased risk of respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases on ships, says Prof Sanjaya Senanayake, an แทงบอลออนไลน์ infectious diseases specialist at the Australian National University.

"In general, you've got passengers and crew members from different parts of the world mixing intimately and intensely for a short period of time," Dr Senanayake says.

"They've all got varying levels of immunity and so that does set things up for an infection outbreak."

With coronavirus, which is believed to คลิปโป๊ spread through droplets - such as from mucus or saliva - people could be infected without direct contact with a carrier.

"Say if someone sneezed on to a table, and then someone else immediately touches that table, that could lead to infection," Dr Senanayake says.

"People might not all be talking to each other - but they are in shared spaces like swimming pools, spas, dining rooms and auditoriums."

However, Stewart Chiron, a cruise expert, says "the reality onboard a cruise is very different to the perception of it".

"So for example, people think that when you're queuing up at buffet lines that there's a lot of interaction and contact between passengers," says Mr Chiron, who has been on board more than 250 cruise ships.

For the major cruise lines, that's not true. There are stations - if you want eggs you go to the egg station, a gloved crew member will do that for you.

The point is that you're rarely waiting in a line, and not everyone passes by every piece of food - what that does is minimise the interaction between people.

Coronavirus: The economic cost is rising in China and beyond.


 The human panan cost of the coronavirus outbreak is climbing across China and beyond. The economic cost is also mounting, mainly, but not only, in China.

That damage is, for the most part, not due to the virus itself so much as efforts to prevent it spreading.

There are strict restrictions on moving out of Wuhan, where the outbreak คาสิโนออนไลน์ began, a city with a population of 11 million.

The lockdown, also คลิปลับ extended to other parts of Hubei province, prevents business-related travel as well as the movement of goods and workers.

Fear of the virus also means many people คลิปลับ will choose to avoid activities they think might expose them to the risk of infection.

So restaurants, cinemas, transport providers, hotels คลิปลับ and shops are all quickly feeling the impact.

And the timing of the health คลิปลับ crisis, during the lunar New Year break, means those industries have been particularly exposed to commercial losses.

The New Year holiday คลิปลับ was extended for a few days by the national Chinese authorities and there have been longer extensions imposed by some provincial authorities, delaying the return to work คลิปลับ for some businesses even longer.

Any delay resuming production and selling goods is likely คลิปลับ to lead to cash-flow problems, especially for smaller operations.

Many companies will have to continue paying bills, including employees' pay.

And for manufacturers คลิปลับ selling goods abroad, there may be some issues with buyers becoming more reluctant to buy from China.

Herbert Wun, who owns Wing Sang Electrical, which คลิปลับ makes products such as hair-straighteners and blow-dryers in Guangdong province, told BBC News, many companies คลิปลับ would not have much slack to take this kind of impact, coming, as it did, on top of the US-China trade war.

How the McDonald's model revolutionised business


The way Ray Kroc tells the story, when he first encouraged the McDonald brothers to open more hamburger restaurants, they winced.

The panan year was 1954. The place: San Bernardino, California, then a quiet town on the edge of the desert, some 50 miles east of Los Angeles.

Kroc sold milkshake machines คาสิโนออนไลน์ and Richard and Maurice (Mac) McDonald were among his best customers.

Their คลิปโป๊ restaurant was small, but sold lots of milkshakes. Clearly, they were doing something right.

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES But they did not want to do more of it, and คลิปโป๊ Mac explained why: "We sit out on the porch in the evenings and watch the sunset. It's peaceful."

Opening คลิปโป๊ more branches would be a headache - travelling around, finding locations, vetting managers, staying in motels. Why bother? They were already making more money than they could spend.

This made no คลิปโป๊ sense to Kroc. "His approach was utterly foreign to my thinking," he later recalled.

So he คลิปโป๊ onvinced the brothers to let him expand their restaurant chain. By the time Kroc died, three decades later, McDonald's had คลิปโป๊ thousands of restaurants bringing in billions of dollars.

Which goes to show that คลิปโป๊ successful entrepreneurs are not all the same. They have different talents, and want different things.

As John F Love notes in his book McDonald's: Behind the Arches, the คลิปโป๊ brothers worked with a local craftsman to invent a new kind of spatula, a new dispenser that squirted the same amount of ketchup คลิปโป๊ and mustard every time, and a rotating platform to speed up the process of assembling of burger, bun and condiments.

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
What Henry Ford คลิปโป๊ had done for cars, the McDonald brothers did for hamburgers and French fries: they broke down processes into simple, repetitive tasks.

This meant they could churn คลิปโป๊ out food quickly, cheaply and consistently. There was nothing else like it.

But when it came to the wider world, the brothers seem to have been fairly clueless.

Coronavirus and oil: Why crude has been hit hard.


The world's biggest oil producers could be about to slash output as they grapple with the fallout of the coronavirus.

Representatives บาคาร่า of OPEC and its allies are expected to meet this week as calls grow for action to support oil prices.

Brent crude has hit its lowest level in a year after falling 20% since its peak in September.

So why is the virus caover  outbreak having such a major impact on the global energy market?

As the Lunar New Year holiday คลิปโป๊ has been extended in much of China and travel restrictions are in place factories, offices and shops remain shut.

That means the world's biggest คลิปโป๊ importer of crude oil, which usually consumes about 14m barrels a day, needs a lot less oil to power machinery, fuel vehicles, and keep the lights on.

The outbreak is likely to have a particularly คลิปโป๊ large impact on demand for jet fuel as airlines around the world suspend flights to China, and travel restrictions within the country mean far fewer flights.

Bloomberg reported คลิปโป๊ this week that China's daily crude consumption has slumped by 20%, the equivalent of the UK and Italy's oil needs combined.

In response Asia's largest oil refiner คลิปโป๊ Sinopec, which is owned by the Chinese government, has cut the amount of crude it is processing by around 600,000 barrels per day, or 12%, its biggest cut in more than a decade.

The scale of the คลิปโป๊ fall has shocked the energy industry, according to Chicago-based oil analyst Phil Flynn: "We have not seen a demand destruction event of this scale that moves this quickly.

What does this tell us about คลิปโป๊ outbreak's impact on the global economy?

he sharp fall คลิปโป๊ in oil demand is a clear symptom of a drop in business activity in China and a sign that the country's economic growth, which was already at a three decade low, will slow further.

Zhang Ming, an economist at government-backed think-tank the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, has said the คลิปโป๊ outbreak could push the country's annual economic growth below 5% for the first three months of the year.

China is the world's second คลิปโป๊ largest economy and a key engine of global economic growth as developed countries struggle to boost growth.

Any negative คลิปโป๊ impact in China is almost certain to ripple across the world.

Visit Nepal's yeti: How mythical creature divided Himalayan nation


A row over the yeti has pitted experts against officials - and, for once, it is not about whether or not the mythical creature actually exists.

Instead, it is how the creature looks.

"This is not right. The government can't just do as it wants," passer-by Reshma Shrestha says, shaking her head in front of the 7ft (2.1m) tall statue at the centre of a row.

The arrival of the first of more พนันออนไลน์ than 100 statues emblazoned with the words "Visit Nepal" was supposed to be the start of a year-long celebration of what the small Himalayan nation had to offer to the outside world.

They will soon be popping up across the country - at popular tourist attractions, trade centres, airports and some of the base camps in the Himalayas - as well as travelling further afield to act as mascots in cities around the world.

But the launch of the tourism drive, which aims to bring two million tourists to the region, has been somewhat overshadowed by the row over the statues' appearance.

"In folk tales, the yeti has caover been described as a big monkey-like creature," Ram Kumar Pandey tells the BBC. "However, the recent logo depicts it as a sumo wrestler. This does not at all match with the mythical character that has been described in many folk tales."

And Pandey should know: the author of several books on the subject, his objections are supported by other Nepalese cultural historians.

In fairness, most Nepalis are experts when it comes to the yeti, a mythical beast which lives in the Himalayas and features in many of the country's folk tales. And they are unimpressed.

"What I know about the yeti is that it is a monkey-like creature, which walks around in snow," Reshma continues, analysing the figure in front of Kesar Mahal in the capital Kathmandu, unconvinced by what has been created.