Prince Harry and Meghan: Duchess returns to Canada as Queen seeks solution


The Duchess of Sussex has returned to Canada amid ongoing discussions over the future role for her and the Duke of Sussex in the Royal Family.

She and Prince Harry had been in panan Canada over Christmas with son Archie.

It comes as the Queen, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge asked staff to find a workable solution after the couple announced they will step back as senior royals.

The Royal Family was said to be "hurt" at the couple's statement.

Palace sources have told BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond that Prince Harry and Meghan did not consult any other royal about making their personal statement.

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In their announcement on Wednesday evening, Prince Harry and Meghan revealed they intend "to step back as 'senior' members of the Royal แทงบอลออนไลน์ Family, and work to become financially independent".

They plan to split their time between the UK and North America, while "continuing to honour our duty to the Queen, the Commonwealth, and our patronages".

The decision came "after many months of reflection and internal discussions", they added.

Does the US have a problem with topless women?


Women fed up with being forced to cover up their breasts and nipples are challenging American laws about nudity and sparking a debate about the country's attitude to the naked female form.

In September, Effie panan Krokos was awarded a $50,000 (£38,178) civil settlement after she took her shirt off in public in Loveland, Colorado, and was issued a summons for doing so.

The 20-year-old was charged with indecent exposure after she played Frisbee topless in her fiance's front yard.

She had thought that the law in Colorado had changed and she was safe to take her shirt off when she got hot and sweaty during the game - after all her fiance had removed his top too. They were equal, right?

Image copyrightEFFIE KROKOS
Image caption
Effie Krokos was playing Frisbee topless because พนันออนไลน์ she thought it was allowed
"I thought it was fine because there had been a ruling by the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals which covers Colorado. I'd read an article about it saying that it was OK for women to go topless.

"It was a warm September day and the weather was roasting. I took my shirt off without thinking too much about it."

But a few hours later, a police officer turned up to tell her that there had been complaints and she was facing charges.

Krokos told the BBC: "I kept asking the police officer what I was being charged with, but I was just told I was disgusting the neighbours and that there were children around, and what made it OK for me to think I could be topless?

"I was taken aback because for everyone to be here today who was breastfed, you would have had a topless woman feed you. What is so disgusting about that?"

Life-changing effects
Krokos said that by the time the officer arrived at her home, she was fully clothed while her fiance remained topless, and yet there had been no complaints about him.

"It's not like I was standing in the middle of the road, screaming 'look at me'. I was discreetly playing Frisbee in my yard when I had my top off," she added.

But it didn't matter. She had to get lawyers involved to have the charges dismissed and the case sealed so it would not come up in background checks.

If the charge of indecent exposure had been upheld it would have derailed her dream of teaching.

"There was a risk at one point that I would have been marked down as a sexual predator as indecent exposure is a sexual offence," Krokos said.

Free the Nipple
Krokos had thought she would be safe because of a court ruling made earlier in the year.

Brit Hoagland and Samantha Six, activists with Free the Nipple - a global movement that campaigns for gender equality in nudity - sued the city of Fort Collins, Colorado, for females to have the right to be topless in the same way men could be.

In Fort Collins, females aged 10 and older were not allowed to "knowingly appear in any public place" with their breasts exposed. This also included private places where there was any chance of somebody at ground level seeing them from a public spot.

There were some exemptions such as breast-feeding but Hoagland says the city council's stance "criminalised and sexualised minors over 10 years old" and she wanted to take a stand.

China ends forced labour for sex workers


China is to end a punishment system for prostitution that allowed police to hold sex workers and their clients in custody for up to two years at so-called education centres.

Detainees were forced to work, allegedly sagame making toys and household goods.

The detention system will come to an end on 29 December. Those still in custody will be released, according to Xinhua, China's state media.

Prostitution remains illegal in China.

It carries punishments of up to 15 days in detention and fines of up to 5,000 yuan (£546).

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China's state media claims the "custody and education" system has helped to maintain a "good social atmosphere and public order" since คาสิโน it was introduced more than 20 years ago.

It added that over time, the system has become less and less appropriate.

A study by NGO Asia Catalyst in 2013 questioned whether this scheme was effective.

The report included interviews with 30 female sex workers from two cities.

It claimed detainees were unable to learn new skills during detention that could help them after their release. The report added that the detainees typically undertake manual labour

Kulubá: Dig uncovers large Mayan palace in Mexico


Archaeologists in Mexico have uncovered the ruins of a large palace they believe dates back to the height of the Mayan civilisation, 1,000 years ago.

Remains of a building sagame six metres (20ft) high, 55m long and 15m wide were found at a dig on the site of the ancient city of Kulubá in Yucatán state.

It is thought the structure was used over two periods of Mayan history as far back as 600 AD.

The Mayan civilisation flourished before Spain conquered the region.

Image copyrightREUTERS
Image caption
The palace was possibly คาสิโน in use during two periods of Mayan history
In their time, the Mayans ruled large stretches of territory in what is now southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras.

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The palace was possibly in use during two periods of Mayan history, the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) said: the Late Classic (600-900 AD) and the Terminal Classic (850-1050 AD).

Australia fires: Crews brace for dangerous heatwave


A heatwave forecast to sweep across Australia in coming days could escalate conditions for the nation's bushfires,
authorities fear.

Temperatures are sagame set to hit over 40C (104F) from Friday in several bushfire-affected states including New South Wales,

South Australia and Victoria.

There are more than 100 fires burning, with the largest to the west of Sydney.

Firefighters took advantage of cooler temperatures over Christmas to try and and contain fire fronts.

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"[It] is all about shoring up protection before we see the conditions deteriorate again," said New South Wales Rural Fire

Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons on Friday.

British troops move black rhinos to Malawi


British troops have helped to move a group of critically endangered black rhinos from South Africa to Malawi to sagame  protect them against poaching.

Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion Royal Gurkha Rifles moved 17 of the animals, which are hunted for their horns, in the hope they can be better protected.

They were transported by air and road from KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa to Liwonde National Park in Malawi.

The troops then spent three months training rangers to keep them safe.

Major Jez England, the officer บาคาร่า commanding the British Army counter-poaching team in Liwonde, said the operation had been "hugely successful".

"Not only do we share skills with the rangers, improving their efficiency and ability to patrol larger areas, but it also provides a unique opportunity for our soldiers to train in a challenging environment", he said.

Zoo animals open food-filled Christmas presents


Over the past few days, zoo animals have been given early Christmas presents in the form of edible treats wrapped up in festive packaging.

Here are pictures sagame from zoos in France, Germany, Colombia and New Zealand.

A kea parrot ripped open its wrapped box of Christmas treats at Orana Wildlife Park on the outskirts of Christchurch, New

A gorilla at Orana got to enjoy a frozen Christmas treat

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES

Also at Orana, cheetahs explored festive packages filled with treats (above and below)

Some curious squirrel monkeys บาคาร่า explored their food-filled Christmas package at the Zoo de Pescheray in le Breil-sur-
Merize, near Le Mans, north-western France (above and below)

In Tierpark Hagenbeck zoo in Hamburg, northern Germany, elephants were given boxes filled with fruit, straw and nuts

A baboon at Cali Zoo in Colombia got to grips with a festive treat

A black jaguar inspected Christmas stockings at Cali

Also at Cali, a lion ate from its gift box (above) and a capuchin monkey inspected a festive package (below)

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